Pink Floyd album cover, cover.

I've been learning some new texturing skills in Adobe Illustrator recently and decided to put those skills into a larger more detailed piece. The skills I mainly learned through the amazing Musketon with his vibrant colours and use of detailed vectors, creating sharp detailed pop pieces of work. I heavily recommend having a look through his work. For this piece, I re-created an all time favourite album of mine, Pink Floyd's Animals album cover. The piece was originally created by Storm Thorgerson, the legend behind the iconic Dark Side of the Moon art work.

I wanted this piece to allow me experiment with a number of texture styles, using photoshop filters and live tracing to create vectored textures. I also experimented with gradients and drawing styles, using hard straight lines for architecture and more organic free hand lines for more natural elements. One of the joys with vector work is the ability to go over board with detail. The pig for instance, I was able to add a great amount of detail and resize with ease at a later date. This is also true with colour, being able to change global colours on a whim, something that isn't as straight forward with pixel based work. I also had to adapt and work around different colours, converting to CYMK for print and experimenting with different file types to balance colour accuracy, detail and file size for digital uploads.

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