'Playstation 1' Render

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

So I have recently started to learn Blender, a 3D modelling software (and much more). It's an extremely powerful piece of software that does everything from basic modelling to model rigging, UV wrapping/unwrapping and particle simulating. Despite all it's power, it is a free piece of software which makes it even easier to pick up and learn.

I've worked on a few mini projects so far with the software, to try and pick up some basic knowledge and skills. This is a model of a Sony Playstation 1 I created from scratch using just a couple of photographs.

I recently watched a Skillshare video of an illustrator (Musketon) I have been following for a while. He made a very valid point that without a primary source to reference in your work, you are generally stuck with angles and lighting you've found on Google images. This means you are using the same if not similar referencing as other artists out there. To overcome this, Why not create a basic reference in software? choose the angles and apply the lighting you want. This also ends up being even more efficient than if you had the reference piece in the first place as you can adjust lighting shadows etc. at the click of a button.

This piece has given me some great lessons using Blender, especially Boolean operations, similar to illustrator but in 3D...unsuprisingly. I will probably adjust this model as I am still yet to work on the texture. I feel there's a couple of edges that need rounding along with the memory ports being given some more depth.


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