Sci-Fi Popup Shop Design idea

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

At the beginning of 2020, before the year became what it became, I had an interview for the Science Museum for the position of group VM. As a task and prep for the interview, I had to create a basic plan and some design ideas for a pop-up shop to accompany a Sci-Fi themed exhibition. With the brief, I planned two ideas, one being an elaborate custom-built themed shop. The other was an easier, backup plan. Despite the project being let back in January, I've had the idea rattling around in my head most of the summer so decided to act on it. As I wanted to build some 3D modelling experience, I used this project to work on my skills. Hence the following project.

This was a great opportunity for me to gain an understanding of how the world of 3D works, looking into the basic building to UV wrapping, texturing, lighting and rendering. This project was primarily to build these skills and as a consequence, the VM aspect certainly is lacking, however, I feel I have got to a point where I could reproduce this project at a fraction of the time that was taken, therefore allowing me to concentrate on the layout.

For the 3D builds, I used Blender. This accompanied with vector software such as affinity and Adobe Illustrator, I created UV wraps to give some objects a bit more realism. Note the books and figurines I built from scratch. I imported some objects from 3rd parties to save time such as the T-shirts and tables, however, I did create the materials and textures for these objects. For clarification, I also did not build the AT-ST and Enterprise models!

I also designed the POS heavily based on Star Trek interfaces. The idea is to have an acrylic block with the visuals applied to the backing. Throughout this project, I have thought of the practicallity and ability to both design and build, Including the understanding of graded timber and weight limits. A key aspect I looked at in my interview was using the museum's resources to its full ability, looking at in house design and manufacturing workshops, limiting outsourcing. I feel the ability to work almost eniterly in-house is key for both efficient uses of public money as well as limiting environmental impact.

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